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Who Wants to Live Forever?

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A Brief Run-Down on the Icelandic Health Symposium 2017 I have just returned from my trip to Iceland where I was invited to speak at the Icelandic Health Symposium entitled “Who Wants to Live Forever?” and wanted to share with you some thoughts now that I have returned to the realities of daily life. First and foremost, I need to express appreciation for what a fantastic job Gudmundur Johannsson, Ari Freyr and their team did putting on a first-rate conference that drew participants and attendees from all over the world. This would have been a major accomplishment for any professional event…

Hit Market Penetration: Supply Creates Demand

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At latest count, the directory at has 177 listings.  This is an impressive number of facilities providing state of the art training.  This likely under-represents what is available because several of the listings have multiple locations, and there are probably almost as many HIT shops that are not listed on the directory. One of the most rewarding aspects of my consultation business is the opportunity to provide start-up advice for those wanting to open a HIT personal training studio.  Many of my consultation clients are now owners of multiple successful facilities and are making a fantastic living doing what…

Benefits of High Intensity Exercise

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Cognitive Dissonance Has a Physical Sensation My recent fascination with myokines has made me much more aware that skeletal muscles performing hard work signals for beneficial adaptations in all of the tissues of the body.  The brain and nervous system are no exception.  In the recent past, I have become much more aware of this fact. In my professional life as an emergency physician, the recent years have heralded an almost exponential increase in the stressors faced by emergency physicians.  At baseline, it is amongst the most cognitively demanding landscapes imaginable.  High stakes situations present without warning and many times…
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