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Dr. McGuff provides consulting services on a number of topics for a variety of audiences. Read below for more information or schedule a phone consultation now.

Phone Consultations

Have you reached a sticking point in your personal fitness goals? Dr. Doug can help. Schedule your phone consultation
by filling out the online scheduling calendar.

Dr. McGuff can help you on a variety of topics including:

  • Setting up an exercise program
  • Exercise and equipment selection
  • Manipulating the variables of intensity, duration and frequency

Dr. McGuff’s phone consultations fees:

  • 30 minute consultation is $150.00
  • 60 minute consultation is $250.00
Home Fitness Center Set-Up

Looking to set up your own home gym?

Set up a home workout environment based on Body By Science principles. Dr. McGuff will set up an optimal home gym based on your space and budget limitations. Fee varies and is based on the complexity of the project.

Weekend Seminars

All day Saturday or Sunday seminars are designed for individual or group instruction and take place at Ultimate Exercise, Dr. McGuff’s personal training facility located in Seneca, South Carolina. Contact Dr. Doug to schedule your weekend seminar.

A typical seminar consists of:

  • Morning – Intensive review of Body By Science concepts
  • Lunch –  Circa 1930’s restaurant (featuring paleo-friendly fare)
  • Afternoon –  Individual workout – expanded workout including additional machines, manual resistance instruction, and program design

The fee for an individual seminar is $2,500.00. Group seminars are available for a fee of $500.00 per attendee with a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 10 attendees.

Facility Owners

Learn how to start your own personal training studio using the Body By Science principles.

Dr. McGuff will provide guidance on:

  • Site selection
  • Equipment selection
  • Appropriate overhead-based pricing
  • Instructor selection/training
  • How to keep it simple and manageable

For existing facility owners, we can help troubleshoot problems in your existing business or provide guidance in training difficult or complex clients.


Learn firsthand how to:

  • Leverage your medical expertise to start your own training facility.
  • Incorporate a facility as an element of your practice or as an entity separate from your practice, that can supplement your income or provide an escape hatch from medicine altogether.
  • Set things up so that liability from your training facility does not bleed into your medical practice and vice-versa.
Corporate Fitness Design

Keep your employees fit and healthy over a single 20 minute break per week. Dr. McGuff can help your company set up a training facility. Equipment selection, instructor training and program set-up is available.

Fee is variable based on the complexity of the project. Ongoing support and consultation is available to keep your program running smoothly.

Hospital Wellness

Learn how a Hospital-Based wellness center built on Body by Science principles can lend a value proposition to a clinically-integrated network. Learn how this training center will benefit hospital employees, patients and the entire community that the hospital serves.

Hospital Wellness Center Design

Achieve a Hospital-Based wellness center built on Body By Science principles. Dr. McGuff can assist with equipment selection, instructor training, and program set-up.

Fee is variable based on the complexity of the project. Ongoing support and consultation is available to keep the program running smoothly.

Have additional questions? Contact Dr. Doug.

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