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Body by Science is not a book of “opinions,” but rather a review of peer-reviewed scientific literature and a discussion of the basic science that accounts for the literature’s findings regarding the role of exercise in human development, performance and longevity. And, for the first time ever, every point and recommendation is supported by the appropriate reference from the medical/scientific literature, all of which are referenced in the book. Body By Science is a book that will serve as the “standard” in the field for accurate, honest, verifiable exercise. A legitimate “must have” for anyone who takes both their time and their fitness goals seriously.


Body by Science challenges everything you thought you knew about exercise and takes you deep inside your body’s inner workings – all the way down to the single cell–to explain what science now knows about the role of exercise in human health. With the help of medical diagrams and step-by-step photos, exercise scientist Doug McGuff, M.D., and weight-training pioneer John Little present a revolutionary new workout protocol that fully leverages the positive effects of high-intensity, low-frequency weight training, while avoiding the negative effects of traditional aerobic-centric exercise.

By using a proper science-based approach to exercise you can be on your way to achieving the following in as little as 12 minutes a week:

  • Build muscle size and strength
  • Optimize cardiovascular health
  • Ramp up your metabolism
  • Lower cholesterol
  • Increase insulin sensitivity
  • Improve flexibility
  • Manage arthritis and chronic back pain
  • Build bone density
  • Reduce your risk for diabetes, cancer, heart attack, and more
New! The Body by Science Question & Answer Book


The Body By Science Question and Answer Book contains a wealth of information on proper strength training that will serve the trainee well throughout his or her life.

Within the pages of this 260-page companion volume to Body By Science the reader will learn the answers to their most pressing questions. The book is broken into seven separate though interrelated sections, allowing the reader to go to whatever topic or section that is of most concern to him or her. The breakdown is as follows:

Part One: Health & Fitness

In this section we examine and elaborate on how proper strength training contributes to the total health and fitness (not that these two concepts are co-joined) of the human organism. Topics such as layoffs from training, VO2 Max testing, cardiovascular health, and other (for the moment more popular) approaches to it are examined and contrasted with resistance exercise.

Body by Science QA Book
UE-1 (Ultimate Exercise Bulletin #1)

UE-1 is Dr. McGuff’s first published work on high intensity strength training. Read the groundbreaking book that introduced the concepts of the dose-response relationship of exercise, time under load, stoicism in training and other insights that forever changed the field of exercise.


BMX Training: A Scientific Approach

As a former professional BMX racer, Dr. McGuff shows how to apply high intensity strength training principles to the sport of BMX (bicycle motocross). Now an olympic sport, BMX epitomizes the complexity of sports conditioning as it requires strength, power and endurance in the physical realm, and involves multiple skill sets with a need for both narrow and broad mental focus.

This book will prove invaluable not only for the BMX racer, but for any athlete who wants to learn how to efficiently train for their sport.



Ultimate Exercise Diet DVD: What to Eat, What Not to Eat

Dr. McGuff’s 2 hour lecture to his clients at Ultimate Exercise on the evolutionary biology and biochemistry underlying the optimal approach to diet.

A must for anyone looking to optimize their training and body composition.


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